Shopping for Men’s Accessories

This fashion article is for the guys. Here’s what you should be carrying and wearing for the summer season of 2013. Look and see if any of these trends fit your taste.

The Backpack
Keeping up with the modern world, everything is full of multitasking and the hands-free lifestyle is popular. The backpack is ideal for the daily commute whether it is on regular trips, going to the gym, or hiking. You can find backpacks in leather, canvas, suede and they can be in any color. There are also organic and masculine backpacks that are lightweight and durable.

The Holdall
Traveling or going away for a few nights? Grab one of these handy Holdall’s that can fit in overhead compartments or at the foot of your passenger seat for long drives. Zip pockets, detachable shoulder straps, traditional leather designs – everything you need for a nice vacation or a weekend get away.

The Baker Boy Cap
The Great Gatsby-inspired hat has hit stores nationwide. It can actually bring life to a boring look that does not seem to have much there. If you are picturing a flat cap, it’s a little different. The Bakery Boy Cap is rounder and fuller. There are many different textures that you can buy such as tweed, wool, twill or anything fashionable.

The Panama Hat
This hat is great to bring on vacation. It goes well with linen blazers and cotton chinos, making it perfect for holiday head wear. The hat comes in different colors so it will fit which ever outfit you are planning.

Sunglasses: Round Frames
The style of round frames is back and hotter than ever and it gives off a 1950’s era fashion vibe. Look out for the vibrant hues or tortoiseshell with modern materials such as titanium. The style effortlessly compliments formal and casual attire, you can’t go wrong.

The Ties: Prints and Lightweights
Ties seem to be part of a daily routine for some men. But it is an ongoing accessory that seems to be important for making a statement, so let’s get down to what is in style with them. Floral and Hawaiian prints are popular for the summer months and they are vibrant enough to brighten up the office. They work well with slim fit suits and a light colored shirt. Also, the wider and formal shape has taken over the popular skinny tie.

By Brittany Cassidy