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How Duffinetti’s Found New Life in Wildwood

By Collin Hall / Trish Asselta, the owner of Duffinetti’s and daughter of the original owners, has fought hard to keep Duffinetti’s open.

Though Duffinetti’s Italian Restaurant in Wildwood is as close to a household name as a place gets in Cape May County, it is a near-miracle that it exists today at all. After the original Duffinetti’s closed in 2005, owner Trish Asselta thought that the family business had finally turned in its hat after 57 years of service.

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About Last Week’s Snow…

It isn’t often that Wildwood freezes completely over. Here at the Herald, we all took a work-at-home snow day Monday, Jan. 3rd to avoid the frigid cold and to avoid potentially dying on the brutal roads… I used part of the day to build a snowman out of oversized Lego parts.  

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Winter on the Cape is here

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