Makeup Tips for the Summer

Make up trends in the summer can be tricky to follow, but make it easy with a quick rundown of the latest trends for this summer.

Red lipstick is very popular for this season. Outlining the outermost part of the lips with a red pencil and using a red matte crimson lipstick will make your lips look bigger and fuller. The color trend seems to have started in the spring, but it does not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Since the cat-eye trend was very popular last year with eye liner, it seems as though eye liner has become a new every day essential. Lately we have been seeing a tight outline of the eye, slightly and softly smudged. Add a platinum shadow over the lids and you will have the ultimate summer look. The soft smudge differs from afternoon to night.

Lush lashes are the craze. Every woman loves long curled eye lashes and they never seem to be out of style. Have fun with your lashes this season and make them heavy offset with a light shadow. The contrast will guarantee your eyes to pop and really stand out. The look has been seen on the runway and trending this summer.

The Mediterranean influence of blue and green shadows seems to be here to stay. Makeup artists brush on shades of turquoise, jade and aqua on the lids. This look may be a little too wild and extreme for the everyday wear but it will look great for a night out with your friends at a local club or even the boardwalk!

Bronze eye shadow gives a soft summer glow and a natural vibe, but still adds a little something to brighten up your face. It can go with almost any outfit and you can wear it during the day or during the night. It is a fun and easy color, and with the right bronzer on your face you will look flawless.

As a finishing touch, fresh natural skin seems to be the ideal look for the summer. Get a flawless summer effect by applying a liquid foundation with a brush, lightly. Use a light blush along the cheekbones to bring out that elusive inner glow that you want.

A light petal pink cheek is perfect for the summer, especially since your face tends to get a brighter red because of the higher temperatures and the sun.

Being fresh and natural seems to be the most popular during the summer so make sure that if you want that extra glow not to sit in the sun for too long!

By Brittany Cassidy