Thrift Store Shopping on a Rainy Day

No matter where you go you, can always find a thrift store around where you can find proof of the old fashioned saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. You can find everything you need at a thrift store for a relatively cheap price. There are some thrift shops in Cape May County that you can stop by on a boring rainy day when looking for cheap but chic finds.

Arc Thrift Store located on 1 N 5th Street in Rio Grande is one place that is very big and could be full of treasure. If you do not find anything there, you can also visit the North End Thrift shop, a green-friendly store in the Villas. This shop has become a must-see place for Cape May County. There is a wide range of affordable items such as antiques, collectibles, furniture, jewelry, coins and art, glassware and books.

Whether you collect all the time or just got the idea to stop by, the treasures from the past and present will pull you in. Even if you are not interested in buying clothes from a thrift store, you can bring in or drop off any of your clothing or household items for donation. Everything you drop off is tax deductible. Most thrift stores also offer pick up or delivery to local places, but they must be notified of the delivery one week in advance.

If you are new around the Cape May County area and have an apartment that needs filling then a thrift store is a good way to go. Furnishing an apartment is hard but if you need dishes, pots, pans and furniture, you may be able to find them all in thrift shops for a decent price. There is always décor for houses such as posters, art work, pictures, trinkets and more.

If you love to read then you will enjoy the book selection that most thrift stores offer. Used books are typically inexpensive, but if you are stopping by a low traffic thrift shop then chances are the books could be a bit beat up so make sure your book isn’t missing pages before you purchase it. One thing that most people love, accessories, are always needed and always popular. Thrift stores have belts, purses, luggage, shoes, hats, and costume jewelry.

Bargains come and go; there are usually really good sales and clearance racks full of items that did not sell on time. If you go in the summer you could find great winter clothes and be prepared for the seasons ahead. Also, make sure you take a good look at your items that you purchase.

Check back often for new stuff and to ensure that you do not miss anything when new inventory comes. A great way to spend the day inside during the rain and a good way to get household things for cheap!

By Brittany Cassidy