Bartender of the Week: Flip Flopz

This week, we headed to North Wildwood’s own slice of the tropics – Flip Flopz Beach Bar & Grill – to learn more about their resident mixologists. It was here that we met Kaitlyn, new to the Flip Flopz staff this summer season but already a favorite bartender. Kaitlyn has been in the bartending biz for two years now and loves the job for its fast pace and variety. “It’s never the same,” she explains. “You’re always dealing with new people and a different atmosphere.” Though new to this particular scene, Kaitlyn has spent a number of summers working here in North Wildwood. In the offseason, she is a graduate student at Temple University where she studies opera and classical music. Kaitlyn one day hopes to pursue a career as a professional singer, perhaps even as the lead singer of a band. She’s definitely not a newcomer to the world of music. Kaitlyn was a member of an acclaimed a cappella group at the University of Delaware where she received her undergraduate degree. In fact, her group just recently won the semi-finals of the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella.

When asked for her recommendation for a Flip Flopz signature, Kaitlyn suggests the fresh squeezed, made-to-order Orange Crush available upstairs at Tiki Topz. Her personal favorite, however, remains a a classic Malibu Bay Breeze. When she’s off the Flip Flopz clock, Kaitlyn loves to hit the beach for some relaxation. Meet this talented bartender and gifted singer for yourself daily during Flip Flopz lunch or early dinner hours. Or swing by and catch her during Happy Hour from 3 to 7 p.m. daily and enjoy a $1 discount on all drinks.

By Meg Kummer