Trendy Purses and Bags

Beach bags, clutches, pouches, raffia bags and more. We just can’t get enough of the in-style bags for the summer of 2013; check them out to see if you are carrying the latest trend.

1.) Bring out the pouches ladies… Small hand carried bags are very popular right now. Texture, print, bright bold colors and more, anything you can get grab! Many things that look like they could hold an Ipad are now being used as a purse. The idea of a rectangle pouch bordered with just a zipper seems simple and modern.

2.) Animal print purses, leopard in particular, come alive until the fall. The leopard, zebra, giraffe and snake look is very trendy right now and can feel more subtle in many ways. Some bags with a trim of animal print are a main attraction, especially if the print is toned down to look paler than usual.

3.) The chic raffia handbag is extremely trendy right now and hits the top of most wanted summer shopping lists. These bags are made from palm leaves, a brown, grassy fiber that is often used for hats, baskets and more. The raffia bags come in many different colors, shapes and sizes so find one that best fits your personality and rock it for the summer, as a beach bag or a night clutch.

4.) Navy handbags everywhere! The navy bags look fresh, clean and modern. They coordinate with many different outfits because navy is a neutral color. Navy and black together look very good together.

5.) Beach bag fun! Pick one to go with your swimsuit, preferably a beachy straw or raffia bag and carry it until Labor Day.

6.) Beach bags with colorful pom pom’s on the handle are trendy right now and can be found all over at the beach.

7.) Beach bags with bamboo handles – you see them everywhere and maybe you thought about getting one…Now is your chance!

8.) A vacation-sized tote goes with everything and can fit everything. These are especially great if you have kids and a family that are coming along to the beach as it will hold everything from the sunscreen to the beach towels.

9.) Beach bags with tropical details embroidered on the side are bright and fun.

10.) The geometric pattern beach bag is trending. Bold and bright are the most popular but you can find any color and it will work well.

11.) The leather accented beach bag is in style. A leather strap and leather pull over and you have it made.

By Brittany Cassidy