The Insiders Band Rocks the Stage

The Insiders Band is primarily based in the Philadelphia and South Jersey areas, but they make their way to the Jersey shore from time to time. They use some of the best equipment that you can find, making their band extra powerful with great sound and lights.

The band provides a fun, interactive experience for all of their guests that attend the shows. They have a good way of getting the audience involved in each of their performances which leaves the fans saying, “Ain’t no party like an Insider’s party!”

The Insiders Band play around 100 shows per year at local bars, clubs, outdoor concerts, parties to weddings and finally Citizens Bank Park. The weddings are so popular with the band that they are usually booked up for nine months prior to the wedding date. You can find them at the Jersey shore all summer long from Memorial Day weekend til the end of September.

Now let’s introduce the band. Scott McGinley – the guitarist, keyboardist, and vocalist – grew up listening to every kind of music there was. He began playing the clarinet at the age of 9 and soon enough he built a drum set out of food containers and played music for his family to gain support for seriously pursuing music. Scott played the drums in many bands throughout high school and found an interest in the keyboard, bass, and guitar. He toured many places with a previous band such as China, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand and much more.

Scott and Vicky McGinley started playing together as “The Insiders Band” in 2000. Vicky was born in Taipei, Taiwan. In 5th grade she was required to take a basic English class in school and her teacher gave everyone an English name. From that day on, everyone knew her as “Vicky”. She had always wanted to be a singer.

In Taiwan there were not many opportunities for Vicky to sing in America so she often sang karaoke. At the age of 16 she won a local modeling contest which led to parts in TV shows and music videos. In 1996, Vicky went to a local club where she saw Scott’s band “New Religion” performing. Scott saw her and immediately wanted to ask her on a date, he stated “She stood out in the crowd”.

Vicky came to stay with Scott often in America then in 1999 Scott proposed and she stayed in America. In 2000 they performed their first show together as “The Insiders”. They built up a big following together and played some of the top clubs and casinos.

Tommy Keane is the third Insider. He is the stage hand, truck driver, and occasionally, he will fill in as a singer. He runs restaurants and he is also a firefighter in Perkiomen Township. A man of multiple talents, he is constantly keeping busy and always willing to help in any way he can.

The Insiders band occasionally plays at the Jersey Shore; you can check their schedule online for updates when they will be playing and where. I guarantee if you stop by to enjoy one of their shows you will have a great time and soon enough you will be one of their many followers. Check out their website to see when they are playing by you,

By Brittany Cassidy