Sweets & Treats: Louisa’s Decadent Chocolate Bars


Chocolate is a timeless dessert that will never go out of style. If you are in Cape May and looking for the perfect shop to pick up a bar or two of artisan chocolate, look no further than Louisa’s Chocolate Bar. Conveniently located off the Washington Street Mall, Louisa’s Chocolate Bar is the small but sweet chocolate store, located next to its sister restaurant which shares the Louisa’s name.

The delicious aroma of sweets waft out onto Jackson Street. The shop sells a variety of American made chocolate bars and caramels and many of the chocolate bars are “bean to bar,” meaning the creators start their confections from cacao beans. Bars are made with cacao beans from all over the world, including Ecuador, Mexico and Madagascar.

Owner Will Riccio created a line of chocolate with JoMart Chocolates of Brooklyn, exclusively sold in Louisa’s Chocolate Bar. The bars are created in small batches by an award-winning, fourth-generation chocolatier and Will is proud to carry unique chocolates in his shop. Visitors to the shop will find fun flavors such as “Louisa’s Chocolate Pie,” based on Louisa’s restaurant’s popular dessert, and “Will’s Party,” a milk chocolate bar made with peanuts, sea salt, and toffee. Other fan favorites include lavender caramel sea salt and double shot espresso chocolate bars.

New and extremely popular this year is the “Hazelnut Crunch” in milk chocolate. This bar was created by Will, based on customers’ recommendations! It is made with hazelnut butter and crispy rice, for a delicious crunch in every bite! The Louisa’s Chocolate Bars cost $7 each and are perfect for both adults and kids; the dark chocolate is 65%, which is agreeable to most flavor palates. The shop carries gluten-free, nut safe and vegan options.

Visit Louisa’s Chocolate Bar at 106 Jackson Street in Cape May. Open daily, 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. For more information, call 609-884-5519 or visit their website www.louisascapemay.com/chocolatebar.

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