Pilot shortage means new career opportunities

The United States is currently facing its biggest pilot shortage since the 1960’s due to recent changes in the regulations and a large portion of pilots retiring. The current projection is that half a million pilots will need to be hired by 2032. If you are seeking a career change, becoming a pilot could be the right move for you. Aerial Skyventure is currently the only flight school in Cape May County. Located in Woodbine, they provide a professional program that will prepare you to be a career ready commercial pilot.

Due to the shortage in pilots this is the best time to consider taking on a new career. Aerial Skyventures delivers experienced instructors and a curriculum that ensures you will be a competitive candidate in the airline industry. You can start training to be a pilot at 15 and fly solo by 16. Training in the small Woodbine airport will allow you to fly a Cessna 172 Skyhawk, one of the most popular planes used in commercial flight instruction. The small nature of the airport means that it is not managed by air traffic control allowing for student pilots to have greater freedom and flexibility. This makes the process faster and more efficient than other flight schools. During advanced study, student pilots will fly into air traffic controlled space.

Come to Aerial Skyventure and try a discovery flight. Discovery flights allow students to take control of an aircraft for the first time. It includes one hour of ground instruction and one hour of flight time for only $177. Come to Aerial Skyventures or call 609-861-4111 to jump start your career as a pilot. Be sure to check out the website for more information at www.aerialskyventures.com.