MagnaHang, the Revolutionary Way to Decorate

MagnaHang will revolutionize the way you decorate your home. They are the first company to change the way homeowners decorate. These handmade, attractive “hooks” use strong magnets to attach to walls, curtains, windows and doors, and any other place with metal at or near their surface. MagnaHang allows for faster decorating as well without leaving unsightly holes or marks behind. MagnaHangs can be bent so as to vertically present decorations in a “tear-drop_ fashion. Using Magnahangs prevents choking risks to children or pets that traditional wire hooks pose. Your feet will thank you too as wire hooks won’t any longer find their way onto floors and carpets.

MagnaHangs are not limited to just hanging Christmas ornaments. They can be used for display and decorating virtually anything almost anywhere. Display a poster on a wall or ceiling? Sure! MagnaHangs will latch onto anyplace where there is a hidden sheetrock nail or metal corner bead. The use of these tools is only limited by the your imagination.

Each MagnaHang decorating tool is handcrafted in a variety of styles to fit every taste. MangHangs also come with a second magnet to increase the usage. The second magnet is attached to the original magnet, increasing the holding strength, or it can be detached and used as a “backer magnet” to facilitate attaching to non-metal objects such as windows, draperies, lamp shades, valances and more, to include hanging ornaments from your real tree. No longer are homeowners bound by unsightly traditional hooks to hang ornaments on a tree.

John Glover, the inventor and founder of MagnaHang, said that his ultimate dream is to share MagnaHang’s success with the school system and community that has done wonderful things for his family. Glover has high hopes of keeping manufacturing right here in South Jersey, creating jobs and his product’s high quality.

To review the many styles MangaHang has to offer and to see a video demonstration of how they work, please go to MagnaHangs are available at Cindy’s World of Card and Gifts in North Cape May.