Ocean City to Host a Free Butterfly Garden Program on April 6

What: learn to make your garden welcoming to butterflies  

When: Thursday, April 6 from 7 to 8:30 p.m.  

Where: Ocean City Public Library, Chris Maloney Lecture Hall  

Butterfly gardens are a beautiful and vibrant addition to your outdoor space that contribute to the conservation of these beautiful creatures as well as other pollinating species, like bees and other insects. 

The Ocean City Environmental Commission invites you to attend a 90-minute program on how – by using an environmentally friendly holistic approach called the “Web of Life” – you can create and maintain your very own “Butterfly Garden of Eden.”  

The approach takes into account the entire scope of what it takes to “make a butterfly.” Speakers will share how they used the “Web of Life” approach to plant and maintain their very own butterfly garden that supports the entire biome of butterflies.  

This approach recognizes that, in addition to planting beautiful flowering varieties native to the Jersey Shore that attract butterflies for nectar, you also need to support the development of healthy caterpillars from which those butterflies emerge. The approach also emphasizes the need to protect those caterpillars and butterflies by avoiding the use of pesticides. 

Your presenters will guide you through aspects you might consider, including recommending resources to help you decide what to plant and how to care for those plants. 

Presenters will be Bob and Carol Marceluk. – the program is also viewable via Zoom.