Kids’ Fashion Trends

Find out the latest trends and fashions for kids this summer. You may be wondering why kids’ fashion matters…These looks were actually chosen by children based on what they liked best.

1.) The Jungle Kid
Shirts, hats, gloves, skirts, dresses and anything jungle. The animals of the jungle have been showing up all over kids clothing for 2013. You can find sweatshirts with lions, shirts with tiger print, and much more. Kids just love it.

2.) The Printed Romper for Girls

Little girls are loving this fashion trend. Easy and still fun to play in, these rompers add a touch of femininity and allow the children to still run around and play in the summer. They are comfortable and suit kids all ages. Even adults love wearing these rompers.

3.) Vibrant Colors for the Boys

There will be a lot of bright yellows, greens and blues on young boys this summer season. Dressing up to go out and hanging out around the beach, the vibrant colors are everywhere. These colors really pop in the summer months.

4.) Straw Hat with Matching Straw Bag

Young girls all over are being spotted wearing a straw panama hat with a matching straw beach bag to carry with them to the beach. The trend is growing and kids love putting their toys in the bags and keeping their face out of the sun with the large straw hats. It looks adorable!

5.) Stripes Trending

Stripes are popular with young boys and girls both. Striped shirts with bright shoes are trending. The contrast seems to be perfect and kids love the bright colored shoes.

6.) Sailors Jackets for Girls

Sailor jackets are trending as a coat, typically for the boardwalk or even a rainy night. They can match any kind of pants, even jeans.

By Brittany Cassidy