Beach Reads for Kids and Adults

The summer isn’t over yet and there are still plenty of beach books to be read before the season ends. Here are some popular books for women, kids, and men.

For the Ladies:

1.) Fin & Lady by Cathleen Schine
The story takes place in 1964 with an eleven year old boy named Fin and his super glamorous older half-sister, Lady. The two of them have been orphaned and Lady, who Fin hasn’t talked to in over six years, is now his legal guardian. Fin was taken away from his home where he lived on a small dairy farm in Connecticut. Lady is quite a free spirit, and Fin realizes she is more of a responsibility to him than he is to her.

2.) The Soul of All Living Creatures by Vint Varga
Dr. Vint Varga, four years out of Veterinary school, works in the emergency room and has had a life-changing experience. He witnessed a dog get hit by a car, and the simple human contact and compassion that helped in the recovery of the dog. From then on, he realizes the strong connection that humans have with animals and is inspired to see the world from the viewpoint of an animal. This teaches him to respect the connection that people can have.

For the Kids:

1.) Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book by Johanna Basford
As you fall down a rabbit hole, you find yourself in an inky black and white world. This activity book takes you on an adventure through a secret garden that is made of amazingly detailed pen and ink illustrations, waiting for kids to bring them to life by adding color. There are also tiny creatures hidden in each illustration that are waiting to be found…

2.) Pinehurst by Nicole Grane
A young girl, Evie, was dropped off and left at Pinehurst, a private school for the Mageia. This school teaches defensive spells against the deadly creatures of the underworld where spiders are big enough to eat you and boyfriends turn into gargoyles. Her father gets captured and he is being held in hell. Evie seeks help from Antonio, a slayer. Will he help or will he just let it go? Find out what happens and if her father gets saved.

For the Men:

1.) Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer
In April 1992, Christopher Johnson McCandless decided to leave his wealthy family and hitchhike to Alaska. He had donated all the money in his savings, burned the money in his wallets, and created a brand new life for himself. He did not care to use maps, he abandoned everything. A few months later, a moose hunter stumbled upon his decomposed body. Learn what killed Christopher and the mistakes he made going off on his own.

2.) The Bat by Jo Nesbo
Harry Hole was an inspector dispatched to Sydney to investigate a murder case. Harry has firm instruction to stay out of trouble. The victim is a twenty-three year old Norwegian woman who was a minor celebrity where she came from. Harry befriends one of the head detectives. What happens next?

By Brittany Cassidy