Interview with Deana Martin

This week’s featured artist is Deana Martin, daughter of legend Dean Martin. She will be performing in Cape May on April 4 at the Convention Center. Find out what Martin had to say about growing up with a famous father and where her life is now.

What was it like growing up with a famous father?

Everyone always wanted to come to our house. My parents and their friends were always so cool so we always had people over growing up. Everyone adored my dad and they were respectful. We could go out to eat as a family without being bothered. It was just normal to be around.

When did you start singing?

My first singing lesson was given by my Uncle Frank (Frank Sinatra). Being able to talk to my dad’s friends was so spectacular. They would teach me so much.

What is it like always touring?

We are on tour 280 days out of the year and each venue is different. One night I could be playing a small intimate jazz club and the next I could be with a symphony. It never gets boring because it is always different. I keep learning new arrangements when I meet new musicians and it really keeps me on my toes.

How do you keep the show fun?

I always invite 3 people to come up with me to sing back up during the song “Memories are made of this,” and I call them “Deana’s Divas.” I also have the audience sing “That’s Amore.” It’s always a lot of fun! One of my favorite moments from the show is signing with my dad, if I can get through it that is. We even have pictures in the background when I sing with him.

When you are not on tour, what are you doing?

When I am home my husband and I are in our sweatpants watching movies and just hanging out. I spend a lot of time getting dressed up and so when I get home I like to just hang out at home.

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