Gotta Have That…Shopping Finds! – Beach Cover-Ups

No beach ensemble is complete without a comfortable but cute cover-up to sport over your swimsuit. The best beach cover-ups are light and super easy to slip on and off, yet still provide enough coverage to make an off-the-beach lunch run. Here, we spotlight a few of our favorite trending cover-up choices.

Beach Empire
Figure flattering for most body types, the empire waist mini dress is a classic cover-up choice that never goes out of style. Cotton is breathable and easy to clean after hitting the beach, but silky empire minidresses have also been trending recently. This silhouette is a great way to show some leg while keeping it appropriately modest.

Sheer Genius
For those who dare to show some more skin, go sheer. Tissue-thin tunics are less about coverage and more about keeping cool and subtly showcasing the swimsuit you’re sporting beneath these frocks. They tend to evoke a 70s Malibu vibe and are a fun choice for a pool party. This tissue-thin tunic evokes a ’70s Malibu mood.

White Out
White is THE cover-up color of the season. Though it does not work perfectly with fairer complexions, it looks stunning against a great tan. White crochet knits are the typical choice for the modern day hippie and have an earthy feel. They’re also quite breezy and can keep you cool even on the hottest of days.

The Beach Pant
Light linen pants are incredibly comfy and look great over a swimsuit with a tank or even just the swimsuit’s top. They also are a great way to shield legs that may have soaked up a bit too much sun…Today, we’re seeing patterned sheer beach pants popping up in local stores in lace, crochet, and even mesh. These are certainly beach appropriate and a great alternative for those who’d like to show some more skin.

When shopping for these coverup trends and more, set your sights on the Wildwoods Boardwalk for a complete shopping experience all in one stroll. These beach attire authorities have you covered (literally):

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