Gotta Have That…Shoe Shopping Finds!

Summer is here and there are some new fashion trends for sandals that you may not know about. Check and see if any fit your taste…

1.) Multi-colored Lace Up Sandals

These shoes will look great with a pair of rolled up jeans for a night out. You can even wear them with a long maxi dress for a nice day on the boardwalk. Having a multi-colored shoe gives you the opportunity to wear any color you want and still match.

2.) Floral Print and Striped Shoes and Sandals

It is important to choose a pattern that works with your style. If the style you like is simple and sophisticated, you may want to opt for smaller flowers. A softer print is good for the work place and it is a great way to add a little femininity to your look. Once you choose your favorite floral print, you may want to wear clothes with coordinating colors. You can go edgy, and instead of picking pastel florals, you can try a larger print in darker colors. The darker colors can be worn in later seasons as well.

3.) Wedges

You can’t go wrong with wedges; they are one of the most versatile shoe styles. They are great with the boho chic, which seems to stay popular. Tan leather wedges will go with everything, so make sure to grab a pair for your day or night out. Wedge shoes add height and are easy to walk in. Also, wearing wedges will add definition and shape to heavy ankles making them appear to be thinner.

4.) Ankle Straps

Sometimes a thicker strap will make your legs appear shorter, but with a thinner strap you can’t go wrong. The longer the dress you wear, the less you have to worry about the thickness of the strap. The ankle strap shoes can give support to your ankles. You can’t go wrong with a pair of nude ankle straps to wear daily.

5.) Pointy Toe Pump

Square toe shoes are out and pointy toe shoes are in. You may think they wouldn’t be a summer trend because they are not open-toe, but if you wear them in bright colors, pastels and bold prints they will fit with the season perfectly. When you don’t get a chance to get a pedicure or a rainy day rolls in, a pointy toe is the perfect choice. Pointy toe pumps can also give the impression of lengthening the foot, and since they are close fitting they also make the foot look more slender than usual.

6.) Metallic Shoes

Every woman should have a few shades of metallic shoes. You can’t go wrong with rose gold, silver, or yellow. You may be thinking that you do not have the right outfit to go with metallic shoes, but you can’t go wrong wearing metallic flat sandals or gladiator shoes with long dresses.

By Brittany Cassidy