General Contest Rules

DoTheShore will occasionally run contests and sweepstakes through our print and digital media channels. Some of these events will have prizes, which will be clearly defined or linked to with each event announcement. Each event may have a custom set of rules for participation. The following general rules apply to all DoTheShore events:

• The published deadlines may be extended. Notice will be given.

• DoTheShore reserves the right to disqualify any entry or vote suspected of cheating, exploiting the voting or entry system, or falsifying data of any kind. All disqualifications will be final.

• Any content submitted to DoTheShore as part of an event may be used for the promotion of the event or future DoTheShore events.

• Unless otherwise indicated, all prizes must be claimed within 24 hours of the initial announcement. DoTheShore reserves the right to select an alternate winner if a prize is not claimed within the defined time period.

• All physical prizes must picked up at the Cape May County Herald office building at 1508 Route 47, Rio Grande, New Jersey, 08242. Arrangements will be made following a prize claim communication.