5th Annual Smithville Renaissance Faire

Join the players of the New Jersey Renaissance Faire for the 5th annual Smithville Renaissance Faire. Colorful interactive characters from days of yore will transform historic Smithville into the village of Smithville, Northumberland, England in the year 1562. The Duchess of Northumberland will make her progress to the village and will be entertained by wandering street performers and stage shows through the day.

This year the stages will be graced by the Lords of Adventure comedy sword fighting show, Shelli Buttons aerial acrobatics show, the musical talents of Pieces of 8 and Iron Hill Vagabonds as well as fire performances and magic by Doug Stafford.

The Village Greene will also host additional craftsmen and merchants selling their wares for the shopping pleasure of the Duchess and our patrons.
Historic Smithville, NJ is a village of over 60 shoppes, 7 eateries, amusements and a Bed and Breakfast. The village has free parking and hosts over 30 free events each year.

For more information on this event: http://colonialinnsmithville.com/blog/events/renaissance-faire/