Erik Simonsen & Twelve: 01 Keep Rocking

Erik Simonsen & Twelve: 01 became a band in the fall of 1988 at Trenton State College, which is now called The College of New Jersey. Known for their rowdy live shows, the band kept colleges and venues throughout the Northeastern United States entertained. Their music can fit the taste of everyone, and you will always enjoy listening to them at any age.

The band opened for The Feelies at City Gardens in Trenton, New Jersey. It was here that Steve Fallon noticed them and soon released a 7″ single on Bob Mould & Steve Fallon’s “S.O.L. Records”. It has been over 20 years now and they have 4 full length CD’s and occasionally tour, but you can find them playing all over the Southern Jersey Shore area.

The band loves music so much that they consider writing and performing a therapy that helps them through the real world every day. Their music is original and has a power rock, pop feel with an acoustic edge. They have played with many big names such as Edwin McCain, Jewel, The Push Stars, Tommy Conwell, John Eddie and much more.

The band consists of Erik Simonsen doing the lead vocals, acoustic, electric guitar, and mandolin, bass and harmonica. Ed Dobbs is the lead guitarist and also does acoustic guitar, bass and vocals. To finish the group, James Washington does a great job with the drums and helps with vocals.

Erik Simonsen & Twelve: 01 has fans that come from all over just to watch them play. Over the years, they have built up such a following that people are eager to see them wherever they are playing and are willing to go to the clubs they will be performing at. The band continues to generate songs that fit each generation so that when they perform there will always be something for all ages to enjoy.

Interested in checking out this extremely talented band? No problem, they will be playing a show at The Boiler Room in Cape May from 9pm to 1am on August 17th. This trio will keep you continuously dancing and smiling… They really know how to put on a show with their original music that you won’t hear anywhere else.

To contact the band you can reach them at Or you can find them on Facebook, “Twelve:01”, to stay up-to-date on what they are doing next.

By Brittany Cassidy