Duffer’s Delights

Duffer’s Restaurant & Ice Cream Parlor is the perfect one-stop destination for family fun. On the outdoor grounds, an 18-hole miniature golf course allows customers to tee up at the foot of a huge sand castle. Duffer’s arcade has games for family members of all ages and includes a prize redemption center. Head inside where diners can enjoy an array of options for breakfast, lunch or dinner. For dessert, Duffer’s offers countless possibilities. Unique flavors such as maple walnut, strawberry cheesecake, vanilla fudge, butter brickle and coconut chip can be topped with your favorite syrup and candy bar pieces. The extensive sundae menu must also be considered, or go for the warm waffles and ice cream for a delicious treat!

5210 Pacific Ave., Wildwood
(609) 729-1817, www.dufferswildwood.com