Drink of the Week: The Jersey Devil

This week’s winning drink is as dangerously delicious and deviously strong as it sounds…An original creation by the Oceanic’s Tiki Bartender Rosemary, The Jersey Devil offers a tropical taste and poolside escape. Ruby in color, The Devil is served in a sand bucket and with double straws just in case a friend wants to help conquer this double cocktail. Each patron who orders this drink of the week receives a pair of light-up horns to wear in order to get into the devilish spirit. Though its recipe remains top secret, Rosemary did share that The Jersey Devil consists of three different types of rum and a concoction of “exotic fruit juices” for a burst of flavor. Finish one of these and you might soon find yourself saying, “The Devil made me do it!”.

Sample a Devil of your own daily at the Tiki where you’re encouraged to “swim up, drink up!”. Plus,each day of the week features new, great specials. Stop by on Mojo Monday for $3 MoJos or Twisted Tuesday for $3 Twisted Teas. On Wednesday, the Tiki Bar celebrates Ladies’ Day featuring $5 frozen margaritas and other drink specials. On Thunder Thursday, a storm of fun rolls in with Nor’easter shots for just $3. Prefer a brew? Snag a $2 Bud Light at the Tiki Bar everyday.

By Meg Kummer