Drink of the Week: New Jersey Blueberry Martini

With summertime comes clear skies, sunshine, warm air and blueberries! As we enter the summer months, what better time to feature a drink that honors our very own Jersey blueberries? This week’s drink of the week from Surf Dog Bar & Grill, the New Jersey Blueberry Martini, does just that.

The New Jersey Blueberry Martini is made with blueberry vodka, a splash of Blue Curacao and a splash of pineapple juice. Don’t let the electric blue color fool you – every sip resembles the sweet taste of a handful of fresh blueberries. Garnished with a cherry and an orange slice, the drink is bursting with color, making it the perfect martini to have in hand on a hot summer day. Order one mid-summer and you might be lucky enough to get some blueberries in your drink!

Grab a New Jersey Blueberry Martini for yourself at Surf Dog Bar & Grill in Woodbine, and head to the outdoor patio and sandy beach bar to enjoy your martini in the summer sun! Be sure to stop in on a Tuesday for Taco Tuesday specials, featuring $3 Coronas and Corona Lights and $4 margaritas. On Wednesdays, get a pitcher of Coors Light or Yuengling and a pizza for $13.95. And on Sunday mornings, after a long night of drinking at Surf Dog, cure your hangover by coming back and getting Bloody Marys for just $2.50 each. Come experience the spirit of the Jersey Shore at Surf Dog!