DoTheShore in Style: August 23


While the perfect tan has long been considered the most coveted summer look, we have the lowdown on this season’s official fashion trends. Whether you’re hitting the beach, boards, restaurants or bars, we’ll make sure you Do The Shore in style!

Head to Five Mile Marketplace and make waves as a couple in matching Wildwood wave sweatshirts! For ladies, pick up a soft, woven light grey sweatshirt that is perfect for a night out on the boardwalk. Pair it with a “Salty Vibes” baseball hat and the look is complete! For guys, throw on a soft grey Wildwood sweatshirt to match your lady and pair it with a navy Wildwood wave hat. If you’re looking for home décor to remind you of your days out on the Wildwood boardwalk, pick up a wooden sign that will look perfect on your living room wall!

Five Mile Marketplace is the go-to store for summer’s hottest merchandise on the Wildwood Boardwalk! Shop for everything under one roof, from clothes and accessories for your family, to gifts and souvenirs for everyone who wasn’t lucky enough to come down the shore! The large variety of merchandise allows everyone to choose something at an affordable price and bring a piece of the Boardwalk home with them.

The store is conveniently located across from Morey’s Pier between Cedar and Schellenger Avenues in Wildwood. Open daily from April to October.


Five Mile Marketplace • 3500 Boardwalk, Wildwood •

  1. Wildwood Sweatshirts
  2. Salty Vibes Hat
  3. Wildwood Hat
  4. Wooden Sign