This week’s featured local mixologist comes to us from a place that offers a beach haven among a mostly rural community. Meet our bartender of the week, Bryttany from Surf Dog Bar & Grill!

Bryttany happened to be in the right place at the right time when it came to landing her job at Surf Dog. After taking a break from her dental assistant position, Bryttany was sitting at Surf Dog’s bar and overheard bartender Karen exclaim that they needed help on the other side. Bryttany mentioned that she had bartending experience from the Schooner Bar at the Lobster House – “Where it all began,” as she likes to say – and Karen immediately handed her an application. Bryttany has now been serving up cool cocktails to Surf Dog patrons from behind the bar for two years, and she loves every minute of it.

Bryttany works at Surf Dog year round, and her favorite part about the job is the laid back vibe, the awesome people she works with and the live bands. When she isn’t mixing up drinks, Bryttany enjoys spending time with her two children and two dogs, and gardening.

Come visit Bryttany at Surf Dog and experience the spirit of the Jersey Shore! Each day of the week features a different special, so be sure to check out their ad to see what’s happening today.