Bartender of the Week: Renee at Shamrock Beef & Ale


This week’s featured mixologist has been working as a bartender for the past 15 years and loves her job because of the people she gets to meet. Meet Renee MacBride, the bartender of the week at Shamrock Beef & Ale!

Renee started her bartending career 15 years ago when she was looking for a job and knew the owner of a local bar. Originally from Elk Township, she now lives in Rio Grande and has been working at Shamrock Beef & Ale year-round for 4 years. It pays to know people because Renee also got her job at the Shamrock because she knew the owner!

Renee’s favorite part about her job is meeting new people who come into Shamrock Beef & Ale looking for a good time. She says the pub is very family-oriented because when you work there or even come in as a guest, you instantly feel welcome. Customers come back because they feel like they’re home, so Renee sees a lot of familiar faces throughout the year.

If you’re looking for a drink recommendation, Renee makes an incredible margarita! Plus, the Shamrock has very unique margarita flavors, including blood orange, pineapple jalapeno, mango, and watermelon margaritas. When Renee isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with her kids and family.

This season, Shamrock Beef & Ale celebrated 82 years in Wildwood! The Shamrock isn’t your average pub – it’s a destination that is also a tradition. The Shamrock has live entertainment and a DJ year-round so you can enjoy the renovated bar all year long. Take a look at the updated lunch and dinner menus and enjoy incredible food, including the Irish favorite Fish & Chips or classic burgers. Next time you’re in Wildwood, stop by the Shamrock, say hello to Renee, and try a refreshing margarita for yourself!


Shamrock Beef & Ale
3700 Pacific Ave, Wildwood