Bartender of the Week: Keenan’s Irish Pub

This week’s honored bartender is famous for more than just his mixology skills. Better known as the “singing bartender”, John Gaynor is celebrating his sixth summer as a member of the Keenan’s Irish Pub staff. John has a tendency to spontaneously burst into song when he hears a hit being played by the DJ or band that inspires him. And John reportedly has an impressive set of pipes. Patrons often stick around in hopes to catch a glimpse of one of his spontaneous performances. Gaynor has been bartending for a total of ten years now, but Keenan’s is where he has felt most at home. He says that the Keenan’s staff has a refreshingly “family-like” mentality that truly makes him look forward to working each night.

For those who haven’t checked out the Keenan’s scene yet, John says that their great drink specials, lively staff, and the new “must-try” sushi bar make the trip worthwhile. Aside from his own singing, John also states with confidence that Keenan’s has “the best entertainment lineup on the island”. When he’s off the Keenan’s clock, John is a self-described “general man about town”, and likes to make appearances at lots of island hotspots and establishments. In order to unwind after a busy night of work, John spends his down time reading and deep sea fishing with buddies. Catch a live performance by this “singing bartender” of the week for yourself only at Keenan’s indoor bar. Be sure to swing by Keenan’s for some unbeatable daily specials such as ½ price Coronas and Twisted Teas every Tuesday and Sunday Funday featuring ½ price Coors Lights and ½ price UV Bombs.

By Meg Kummer