Bartender of the Week: CCT

This week’s bartender of the week has been a loyal staff member at Swainton’s Country Club Tavern for eight years now. Kristen Underwood initially began as an employee of CCT’s package goods section, but quickly proved her worth and advanced to become a server and then, her current station, a bartender. She’s been behind the bar for about six years now, and hasn’t looked back since. What she loves most about her job as a fulltime CCT mixologist is “definitely the customers”. “You never have the same work day. I’m always interacting with new and different people.” This keeps things exciting for Kristen. When asked for her professional recommendation of a CCT signature, Kristen went with the Very Berry Martini. She is actually responsible for introducing this cocktail recipe to patrons after finding it in her quest for a few new additions. The Very Berry is made with Skyy Vodka, Chambord, triple sec, and a splash of cranberry juice and has quickly become a sweet crowd favorite at the CCT. Kristen’s own drink of choice, however, remains the “Ty Bomb”. The Ty Bomb is similar to a Cherry Bomb (cherry vodka dropped in a cold glass of Red Bull) , but the Red Bull is replaced with ginger ale. When she’s off the clock, “I love to go out to different bars and restaurants with my other half,” Kristen explains. Her other half just happens to be fellow CCT bartender and former bartender of the week, Dom. The two actually met as CCT employees and now happily reside together in Avalon. Aside from enjoying being served at other County eateries, Kristen and Dom also like to hit the boardwalks and water parks to have some fun with her kids.

For those who haven’t yet been to the CCT, Kristen believes that it is definitely an environment worth checking out. “Between the friendly staff and the fun customers, the combination is pretty cool,” she explains. Say hello to Kristen and Dom most nights of the week, or join them for Happy Hour Monday through Friday from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. Get extra “happy” with just $1 Coors Lights and $1 off all mixed drinks. Meet me at the CCT!