Winterwood – More Than a Christmas Store

From the rich history of its locations to the enchanted ambiance of its interior, Winterwood Gift & Christmas Shoppe is more than a vast Christmas store. It is a shopping experience. The flagship store, established in 1978, is located in the historic Hildreth House built in the early 1700s by one of Cape May County’s founding families. As shoppers wander through the several themed rooms, they take note of the beautiful and unique architecture of the centuries-old home. The original fireplace display in the classic Christmas-themed room is flanked by fully decorated and lighted evergreens. The mantle above this fireplace was carved by a soldier of the Revolutionary War. Winterwood’s resident ghost “Hester” greets employees and visitors alike in the Hildreth House location. Winterwood Cape May is located in the anchor building of the Washington Street pedestrian mall which was built in 1895 and previously served as city hall for the historic city. Be sure to experience both floors of this equally dazzling Winterwood location. Winterwood’s third store is situated on Ocean Ave. in Wildwood, where the doo wop lifestyle and architecture thrived throughout the 1950s and 60s. For this reason, this store is referred to as Winterwood’s Doo-Wop Christmas Shoppe.

Though the locations themselves make for an interesting visit, Winterwood’s presentation of its thousands of decorative goods is most striking. As the area’s largest Christmas shop, Winterwood presents their thousands of ornaments on their very own trees. Strung with lights, beads, and even topped by Santa hats or witches, each individual tree has its very own design theme coordinated to the theme of the room it stands in. Step into the Halloween and harvest-themed room and be greeted by an evergreen strung with orange and black ornaments including pumpkins, ghosts, and harvest goods. In the food and beverage themed room, pizza, spaghetti, ice cream, keg, chips, fruit, and vegetable ornaments line the walls. Staring at this room’s tree too long may spark your appetite. Be sure to check out the themed lights including pizza pies, brands of beer, and martini glasses. String up a set of these near an outside patio or pool and instantly liven up a summer barbeque. Inspired by its coastal locations, Winterwood also features a vast collection of nautical and sea-themed ornaments and gifts. The evergreen strung with seashells and tropical fish is a sight to see. Even great Jersey Shore souvenirs can be found among Winterwood’s nautical collection. Intricate bottled ships and lifeguard stand and shell lamps are just a few of Winterwood’s beach-themed home accents. Proud alumnae can find their alma mater among a vast collection of college-themed ornaments while fierce sports fans can pick up a nutcracker dressed in Phillies or Yankees attire. Shoppers can also find hundreds of other Irish, first-baby, wedding, and hobby themed ornaments, collectibles, and gifts among Winterwood’s several displays.

Beyond these unique collectibles, Winterwood Gift & Christmas Shoppe features an impressive collection of jewelry and women’s accessories. The store carries Da Vinci Beads, a line of unique beads that can be individually selected and added to a cord or metal charm bracelet. Winterwood offers hundreds to choose from. Looking to show your shore pride? The store now carries its own custom Cape May bead. The store also carries Forever in My Heart Lockets and Charms. These glass-faced heart-shaped lockets open to add your choice of small charms such as birthstones, food items, or athletic gear. Winterwood’s collection of Riverton Sweater Wraps includes blue, orange, pink, black, green, and red color options. These versatile wraps can be worn three ways with any type of outfit from a dress to jeans. While gearing up for the winter holidays, be sure to browse the selection of “Classic Comfy” scarves and earmuffs. Whether shopping for a Jersey shore keepsake, a unique Christmas tree ornament, party decorations, or a comfortable women’s accessory, Winterwood Gift & Christmas Shoppe offers a vast selection in a beautiful setting.

By Megan Kummer