Wildwoods Boardwalk Beauty Brought to You by WSID

Each year millions of vacationers, residents, and second home owners stroll the Wildwoods Boardwalk from its peaceful beginning at 16th Avenue in North Wildwood to Cresse Avenue in the heart of Wildwood, all the while enjoying the sensory overload between the three amusement piers.

They may catch a ride on the Tram Car for a walking break and a fun new way to discover the boardwalk’s possibilities. As they cruise the boards, they may make plans to attend a later parade or concert performance that they have heard announced on the modern boardwalk sound system that pleasantly provides information and entertainment details throughout the day. They may later stop to take in the uniquely Wildwood sights and sounds on one of the hundreds of new benches that line the boardwalk. When boardwalk patrons need a break from the sun, one of the dozens of shade structures along the wooden way provides the perfect refuge.

When seeking the boardwalk’s public facilities, visitors might notice the eye-catching exterior of the restrooms. They will certainly notice the brightly attired workers diligently picking up trash, emptying cans, and generally keeping the appearance of America’s Boardwalk at its best. Very soon, they will notice an incredible new connection between the Boardwalk and the Wildwood Crest Bike Path.

Any week night from Monday through Friday, they will notice the free family entertainment. They might catch the luck of the Irish as the Cape Atlantic Irish Pipe Brigade plays the length of the boardwalk in full Celtic attire or get in step with the Main Stage Harmony Dancers. On Wednesday night, they might enjoy the sounds of the Duffy String Band, or the Fralinger & Woodland String Band on Thursday. And of course, the Friday Night Fireworks will not catch just their attention but the attention of the entire island.

What do all of these exceptional features have in common? They are brought to you by the Wildwoods Boardwalk SID, Management Corporation (WSID). WSID was formed in 1997 by the property owners of the North Wildwood and Wildwood Boardwalk. WSID is operated as a private, non-profit management company that provides additional services above and beyond what the local municipalities can provide. Although some of the projects and services provided by the WSID are funded through grants and loans, the organization does not rely on any local tax dollars for its operations.

Now in its 16th summer of operation, WSID is committed to making the Boardwalk experience the very best that it can be. Indeed, this winter, the popular online website familyvacationcritic.com, ranked the Wildwoods Boardwalk as America’s Best Boardwalk!


By Megan Kummer