Wildwoods Announce Annual Harlem Globetrotters Tram Car Ride, Aug. 15

WILDWOOD – As a part of their arrival in the Wildwoods for a summer-exclusive four-game series, the Harlem Globetrotters will be joined by Jackson Mitchell – a four-year old visually impaired boy from Wildwood Crest, NJ – for their annual Tram Car Ride on the historic Wildwood Boardwalk.

Jackson and five Globetrotters stars will travel up and down the Wildwood Boardwalk greeting fans, signing autographs, performing tricks and posing for pictures. The Globetrotters theme song “Sweet Georgia Brown” will replace the iconic “Watch the Tram Car, Please,” as shore goers welcome the Globetrotters to Wildwood. This experience for Jackson is intended to help him make memories he can “see” in his mind’s eye for a lifetime—as he is expected to lose his eyesight completely in a few years.