WheatonArts Offers New Class and Workshop in September

MILLVILLE, NJ – WheatonArts is offering a new class and a two-day workshop this month.

■ September 26 – Decorative Woodcarving. Location: Education/Folklife Center. Ages: All levels welcome. Class limit: 10. Class Minimum: 4. Class Fee: $20. Materials Fee: $12 (includes: pre-cut wooden panel, carving knife, sand paper, four natural-color wood stains and finishes – mix of flax oil and beeswax). Various carving tools will be provided by instructor Tania Angelova.

Angelova says, “The art of sculptural ornamentation of a wooden object carries timeless beauty and value. The creative process usually begins with an idea or example of inspiration in the form of a drawing, sketch or an old photograph. The carving of shapes/motifs in wood requires skill and love for work with this material.”

In this workshop, Angelova will begin with a presentation of the basic carving techniques and use of traditional carvings tools such as carving knives, chisels and gouges. Students will learn about various ways of visual mapping and shaping of design elements. They will be taken through the entire carving process from the initial work with images to the rough carving and the detail work with the fine elements of ornaments and motifs. Angelova will lead each student through the creative process and will help him/her develop skills, understand design and appreciate working in wood while creating a unique piece of decorative art. Registration closing: September 18.

■ September 26 and 27 – Conjuring a Vision: Storytelling Through Art. Location: Education/Folklife Center. Ages: 16 and above. Class Limit: 10. Class Minimum: 4. Class Fee: $60. Materials Fee: $25 (includes: watercolor paper (approx 11” x 15”), acrylic paints, brushes (flat and round), artist tape, graphite pencil and eraser, decorative paper, wheat paste glue, copper or steel wire).

Instructor Nadine LaFond teaches students to create their own visual language through the use of personal and shared cultural icons to explore symbolism by re-using images and objects to represent ideas and tell their own inspiring stories. Combining experimentation, research and constructive peer critique, students will investigate familiar social artifacts, cultural/historical relics and elements of branding, which will be incorporated in their artwork using a variety of media and techniques such as assemblage (the process of making three-dimensional or two-dimensional artistic compositions by putting together found objects) and collage (an artistic composition made of various materials glued onto a surface), as well as drawing and acrylic painting. LaFond explains, “This creative journey is all about courageously excavating imagery that awakens a deep sense of wonder.” Registration closing: September 19.

To learn more about upcoming classes and workshops, register for the September class and/or workshop and learn more about WheatonArts, call (856) 825-6800 or (800) 998-4552, or visit www.wheatonarts.org.