What to Do When Skies Aren’t Blue…Book Review!

“Skinnydipping” – Bethenny Frankel (2012)

We all know TV Personality Bethenny Frankel, whether it’s from The Real Housewives of New York City, as one of the two finalists in The Apprentice: Martha Stewart or from her very own TV show Bethenny Getting Married? But did you know she recently introduced brand new editions to her cherished alcoholic beverages: Skinnygirl The Wine Collection, Skinnygirl Vodkas With Natural Flavors, and Skinnygirl Ready To Serve Cocktails including a Pina Colada that is to die for! The best part is…no mixing required!

While sipping on one of your favorite Skinnygirl cocktails, relax and read her new fiction book that will definitely have you laughing out loud as well as feeling sorry for her main character, Faith Brightstone…Faith is desperate to become an actress and takes off to L.A. to live with her father who never wanted to admit she existed let alone allow her to move in and become a new best friend to his girlfriend who is as young as Faith! Throughout this comical tale, Faith will take you on a whirlwind ride of failed auditions, party scenes gone wrong, brutally honest comments that get her in trouble as well as landing a role in a TV show that may just land Faith her dream job, could point her in the direction of the love of her life, or with Faith’s luck—nothing at all!

Interested in finding out what happens to Faith…pick up the book today!

“Stolen Prey” – John Sandford (2012)

Sandford has done it again with this brand new page-turner that keeps you guessing until the very end! Well known Sandford characters, Lucas Davenport & Virgil Flowers team up with other members of the BCA, DEA and Mexican Federales to bring justice to an innocent family that has been slaughtered in the most gruesome way imaginable. Together they witness a scene so terrifying that it sends them all flying two steps back…a family including husband and wife, two children and three dogs tortured by killers who attend church on a daily basis but can kill so easily with no remorse.

Investigating robberies of everything from horse manure and atm stick-ups to twenty two million dollars pilfered in gold…you’ll be surprised just how easily crimes can fit together. Many will die unexpectedly and good guys turn bad in this classic Sandford thriller. Who will pay for their mistakes and who will walk free? Read to find out…

If you enjoy reading this book…pick up one of the 21 other Prey novels by John Sandford.

By Michelle Riggins