What to Do When Skies Aren’t Blue…Book Review!

What really happened to Amy?
“Gone Girl” By Gillian Flynn (2012).

“Gone Girl” is not your typical summer read…it isn’t lighthearted and easy nor upbeat and fun. This is a book that makes you think and that takes you down a road full of twists and turns into a story that will truly captivate you. But this is one book that I have added to my favorites list!

The first 150 pages or so introduce you to the key characters, paint the picture of the morning that Amy goes missing and unravel just like any other mystery novel. That is… until the bombs start to hit you chapter after chapter; line after line from then on.
Nick & Amy Dunne do not have the perfect marriage, but what marriage really is? On the morning of their fifth anniversary, Amy disappears suddenly and Nick returns to a home where there has clearly been a struggle, leaving him to ask dozens of pressing questions. Who took his wife? Is she still alive? Did he waste the last five years of his marriage picking fights and being unhappy when they could have been spent being a better husband?

Through Amy’s diary entries, you will find out what kind of man Nick really is and why he feels a need for all of the lies. However, if you pay close enough attention, you will also find out that Amy is not as innocent as she may seem in all of this. You are guaranteed to be taken down a path full of lies, betrayal, manipulation, and revenge that will leave you guessing until the very end what is really going on. Witness the results of a claustrophobic, catastrophic relationship with an outcome that neither one of them could have predicted…or could they?

If you liked this book, try reading one of Gillian’s other thrilling novels – “Sharp Objects”.

Sweep Me Off My Feet or Bring Me To My Knees…
“Rescue Me” By Rachel Gibson (2012).

One thing you can count on is that Rachel Gibson has a way of writing with such ease and raw emotion that there isn’t a time when you don’t feel for her main character Sadie Hollawell. At thirty-three, Sadie returns to her hometown for a family wedding. There she is forced to deal with an emotionally unattached father who she hasn’t seen in years, dozens of elderly ladies that pry into her nonexistent love life, and HIM – Vince Haven.

Vince Haven is a former Navy SEAL, in town to visit his aunt who runs the local store and gas station. During this vacation period Vince not only acquires a new business but also gains a…what would you call Sadie? She’s a hot mess, for sure! In this sometimes touching yet very amusing love story, Sadie makes it through many comical moments and an unforeseen tragedy by pouring her emotions into cheese curls and diet coke.

Will Vince and Sadie lean on each other when times get tough, or will their differences drive them apart? When pieces of Vince’s difficult past surface, it changes everything, but are they willing to lose something that once made them so happy? One thing is for sure…Sadie’s homecoming will take her on a tumultuous ride that she clearly wasn’t ready for!

If you liked this book pick up another one of Rachel Gibson’s brand new novels , “Crazy On You.”

By Michelle Riggins