What to Carry in the Bag

Wondering what to carry in your bag as an essential for the beach, BBQ, pool party or just going out for a night of dancing? We have you covered and have a checklist for each occasion. Check them out to see if you have all you need.

1.) The BBQ Day Out
A stylish panama hat and a denim jacket for when the sun goes down will look great together. Pair them with with a nice handbag and sun glasses, sunscreen and some lip gloss to touch up after a long day outside in the heat. Due to outdoor humidity, your hair might get a little crazy, so pack a comb to keep the tangles away. Don’t forget the floss! You may be having corn, and it is always a pain when it gets stuck in your teeth.

2.) The Beach Party
An oversized beach tote is the ideal bag for shore days. The tote can fit a book, sunscreen, lunch and even toys for the kids. Large totes come in all different colors and styles so don’t be afraid to get a bold color to stand out and look extra fashionable. Make sure to pack extra water to stay hydrated and refreshed throughout the day on the beach. An IPod is all you need to ensure relaxation while reading a book.

3.) The Girls Night out
Ready for a night out with the girls? Make sure you are glamorous with earrings that make a statement and a small clutch or cross-body. Carry some makeup with you in case you want to touch up after dinner – lip gloss goes a long way. Also, chewing gum may go a long way for after dinner to refresh your breath or even if you are craving something sweet.

4.) The Day of a Concert
Carry some band aids in case of a blister from possibly wearing the wrong shoes. Cute accessories will make you feel fresh and cool for the day. Bring some lip balm to make sure your lips are moisturized and a hat to keep the sun out of your face. Hand sanitizer is a good idea when you are out and about, especially if you plan on grabbing something quick to eat.

5.) The Wedding
Weddings are popular in the summer and it is always a little stressful trying to get organized to go to wedding, even as a guest. Stash away lipstick in a stylish clutch to look extra chic. Don’t forget a pair of ballet flats for the reception because your feet may hurt after wearing heels during the ceremony. Don’t forget a compact mirror to make sure your makeup looks fresh.

6.) Traveling
Always carry your identification on you in your wallet while going anywhere, but specifically when traveling. Carry cash for long drives to make sure you have enough for the tolls that you may run into on the road to your destination. Carry a book with you to read while on a long drive. A phrase book may come in handy if you are going to a foreign country. Books can also be good if you are waiting for a delayed flight! Don’t forget medicine in case someone gets sick while driving along, and always keep a charger for your phone in your car in case of emergencies.

By Brittany Cassidy