West Cape May Diamonds at Depot Travel Park

By Nicki Quattrone

It’s a happy day when we find a diamond. Sure enough, I found a few “Diamonds in the Rough” – the truly valuable kind we discover in life’s experiences. Similar to the treasures we sometimes find on the beach, these diamonds shine and hold our attention.

This is a short story about finding a job, a family and a new appreciation for exceptional quality in the hospitality industry.

“Help Wanted.” Many of us know that this can be a real game changer.

In spring 2016, there was a “Help Wanted” sign next to Duckie’s Produce Market on Broadway in West Cape May. I drove down a long, well-manicured lane to the Depot Travel Park office. Aaron Reeves hired me and I started a few days later. This new employment venture would become one of the best times of my life.

In my long employment journey, rarely has there been an opportunity to witness those good ol’ values of hard work, respect for others and wholesome integrity like I have known here.

The Reeves family – Mr. Gail Reeves (Pop), who went home to be with Lord last summer, his son Glen and wife Barbara, their two sons Adam and Aaron, daughter-in-law Ashtin, and two grandchildren Abigail and Addison – soon became my work family.

“Greeter” is my number one position along with letting guests know what to do. Also, I’m the “five-mile-an-hour” police. My only real challenge.

Folks come from all over to enjoy this small piece of heaven.

Being one mile from the beach, shopping and dining, it seems that almost everyone rides a bike, walks or uses a golf cart. Since its inception in 1972, the Depot Travel Park continues to be the closest campground to Cape May beaches.

The most outstanding facet of this vacation destination is the people. My co-workers and I gladly take pride in what we do because the entire Reeves family does. Ask Adam anything about boats, fishing, waterways and the glimmering way of island life. He and his brother Aaron are always willing and very able to help anyone with just about anything.

Glen, Aaron and Adam also serve this community as volunteer firemen for the West Cape May Fire Co. When the alarm sounds, Barbara steps in for the men until they return.

Ashtin and the girls, when here, are a welcome and refreshing sight for other young families.

Did I mention dog-friendly? Our mascot, Bullwinkle, an Australian Shepherd with one blue eye and one brown, is perfect for the job. He’s mannerly, obedient and gets along with any man or beast. Aaron’s best pal.

Our resident carpenter/engineer, Tracy, is also the farmer who grows those awesome Jersey tomatoes and produce for Duckie’s Farm Market – another little something our visitors really appreciate.

When you camp here, or should I say “glamp,” the expectation is to relax, refresh and enjoy – valuable gems that create memories for years to come.

So, grab a tent, get a camper or just stop by to see us. We will be here until October. Perhaps you’ll collect some West Cape May Diamonds for yourself. Just remember: Five miles an hour, please.

Depot Travel Park is located at 800 Broadway, West Cape May. For more information, call (609) 884-2533 or visit thedepottravelpark.com.