Ways to Keep Your Pet Cool During the Summer Months

When the temperatures climb, you’re not the only one feeling it…your fur baby is too! Follow these tips to keep your pet cool this summer!

1. Exercise your pooch in the early morning or late at night. Temperatures are not at their hottest during these times giving your dog, and you a break.

2. Never leave your pet in the car. When you turn the car off, temperatures inside increase, even if it is in the shade. Rather than bringing your pet for the ride, leave him or her at home. If you’re going out to eat or shop, there are many places around Cape May County that allow you to bring your animal in, call ahead to find out if the restaurant you’re going to allows pets.

3. Go for a Swim! In 2014 Wildwood opened the Poplar Avenue beach up for dogs! Marked by a giant fire hydrant, you can now go swimming with the WHOLE family. The beach at the bay in North Cape May also allows you to bring your dog, check with the Township of Lower for specific rules and regulations.

4. Keep your pet hydrated. There are tell-tale signs for dehydration in dogs; some of these signs are shrunken eyes, excessive drooling, loss of appetite and depression. Ways to avoid this are providing clean water at all times and monitoring your dog’s water intake, if they are outside, encourage the dog to lay in the shade. Bring your dog inside if the heat is becoming too much and if you believe your dog is dehydrated, take them to the veterinarian immediately to take the necessary steps to get them back to good health.