Walk the Shore


Walking has it all. Simple and natural, it doesn’t require any instruction or skill. It can be a very modest form of exercise or it can demand enough skill and intensity to be an Olympic sport. You can walk alone for solitude or with friends for companionship. You can walk indoors on a treadmill or outside in the city or country, at home or away. You can get all the benefits of moderate exercise with a very low risk of injury. And to boot, walking is inexpensive. All things considered, Charles Dickens got it right: “Walk to be healthy, walk to be happy.”

Walking is also a great way to get out of your house and into the community. Not only is it healthy but also a new way to see the town. Experience the shore through your walking shoes. Spring is the perfect time to lace up and get moving and get out there. The weather is often mild and beautiful as opposed to the extremes of other seasons. Take advantage of less crowds and check out some of the shore spots listed below to walk. The best part is some walking spots in town may offer the option of a quick ice cream or treat. Join us in walking the shore this spring.

Cape May Point State Park

The lighthouse is currently open on weekends only, but the nature trails are open from dawn till dusk, daily. Wear a mask, and a warm hat, depending on the weather, and enjoy the peace and quiet of a nature reserve this spring.

Washington Street Mall

While many of your favorite shops are closed for the season, or operating on limited schedules, you’ll still find merchants and restaurants happy to see you! Without a sea of vacationers hurrying, you along, you can really take in the charm of the buildings, and window-shop to your heart’s content.

Cape May Beachfront Promenade

Lace up your sneakers, don’t forget your shades, and head for the Cove. Unlike during the summer months, you’ll find quick, free parking right along the beach. Walk it, jog it, or just pick a bench and soak it in. If you don’t mind a little sand in your shoes, a walk down to the water this time of year is great for building anticipation for the summer to come!

Cox Hall Creek Wildlife Management

One of the newest attractions, the Cox Hall Creek Wildlife Management Area in Villas, Cape May County is quickly becoming a favorite spot for walking with more than 4 miles of trails.

Boardwalk and Asbury Avenue

The Ocean City Boardwalk is known all over the world for its attractions! The Boardwalk features art galleries, surf shops and novelty stores perfect for finding mementoes from the Shore. The Ocean City Boardwalk makes for an excellent midafternoon stroll when spring temperatures are at the warmest. Mask up and support local businesses! Check out Asbury Avenue in Ocean City to appreciate all the town has to offer and support local.

Sea Isle Promenade

Discover shops, food, arcades, and breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean. This 1.5 mile pathway along the beach makes for an excellent midafternoon stroll when spring temperatures are at the warmest. Mask up and support local businesses!

Avalon and Stone Harbor Bike Path

The experience of bike paths gives many in the community a place to conduct traditional exercise in a safe setting.. One of the highlights of the 7-mile island is the bike lane that continues through both towns: Stone Harbor and Avalon. This gives residents and visitors alike the opportunity to exercise and explore town within properly designated, safe bike lanes. Take the activity to the beach as well. Beaches allow well behaved and leashed dogs to accompany their owners on off season walks. Stone Harbor and Avalon have beautiful beaches to take advantage of walks on all year around.

Stone Harbor Bird Sanctuary

Stone Harbor Bird Sanctuary is a 21.5-acre bird sanctuary and nature preserve in Stone Harbor, Cape May County, New Jersey. Pay a visit to the wildlife in the sanctuary, stay on the trails for a peaceful and respectful visit. The Stone Harbor Bird Sanctuary is located at 11400 3rd Ave, Stone Harbor, NJ 08247. For more information please visit www.stoneharborbirdsanctuary.com .