Up Close & Personal with Ann Oswald

Since Ann was a mere 10 years old, living in Northeast Philadelphia, she has been practicing music. She remembers it like it was yesterday, holding concerts in her parents’ garage and charging family and friends to watch.

Music was always a hobby for her, but it became a passion when she moved to New Jersey. For a young girl, leaving behind a familiar world was hard to grasp. Writing music quickly became her escape.

Ann began her music career performing in a female duet throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Now, fifteen years later, she can play in a full 4- piece band or in a trio or duo. For the past two years, Ann has been entertaining as a single acoustic and this is her favorite.

As a single performer she plays cover tunes from favorites like Fleetwood Mac and Bob Dylan to Bruno Mars and Lady Gaga. She takes songs that her audience already enjoys and adds her own musical touch. Ann’s favorite performers include Melissa Etheridge, All-American Rejects, and Rob Thomas.

Ann is not only a cover artist but has four original CD’s made from memories and emotions that she has experienced throughout her life. Her CD’s are a blend of Blues meets Country music, yet they also cover a wide variety of styles. Her first CD, “Out of The Blue”, was released in 1999 followed by her 2nd in 2002, “Waiting For The Fall”, both produced with Stone Age Productions.

In 2004, Ann released her third CD, “Bone Dry”, produced with friend and fellow musician Don Shough. In 2007, Ann’s album “Now I Know” debuted and was produced by Red Ridge Entertainment who has worked with celebrities such as Sheryl Crow, LeAnn Rimes, Trick Pony, and Rascal Flatts.

Ann has opened for Neil McCoy at the House of Blues in Atlantic City and has also performed at The Borgata and Bally’s casinos. She has had feature performances on TV and numerous radio interviews. For Ann, “Music is a real high and [she] feels blessed to be able to do it!”

When the performance is over, Ann describes herself as a pretty laid back person. She loves relaxing and reading classics like Anna Karenina and Jane Eyre as well as various biographies. She is a personal trainer who has helped mold athletes to look their best for fitness/bodybuilding competitions as well as help everyday people who simply strive for a healthier lifestyle.

You can frequently find Ann hanging with her Jack Russell Terriers, Jinx and Daisy. They are the only ones she allows to keep her company while she writes. She finds it easier to focus by being in private and quiet setting and dogs don’t talk back, they just listen!

Ann’s favorite part of performing is getting to meet wonderful people. She reasons that “Everyone has a story, a history [of] disappointments and dreams. You realize that we are all much more similar than you think and we all have a purpose in this world.” Ann Oswald’s purpose is making music.

Come enjoy Ann’s beautiful voice for yourself at Harpoon Henry’s in North Cape May, Tuckahoe Inn in Beesley’s Point, North End American Grill in North Wildwood, Bobby Dee’s Rock ‘N Chair in Avalon, and more.

For additional entertainment information and a full performance schedule check out Ann Oswald online at annoswald.com.

By Michelle Riggins