Tinazzi Wines at Joe Canal’s

Joe Canal’s of Rio Grande is proud to present its collection of Tinazzi Italian wines, produced in Lasize, Italy. What began with the commitment and passion of Eugenio Tinazzi has since expanded to a global appreciation for this family’s high quality wines. The Tinazzi Cabernet Merlot blend is currently Joe Canal’s favorite bottle under $20. The Opera blend is the result of a careful selection of grapes personally made by Gian Andrea Tinazzi from three Italian Regions and is on sale now for only $22.99. Joe Canal’s also features a $10.99 house Tinazzi Pinot Grigio and a rich, red Ripasso characterized by a clean flavor with a pleasant touch of wood. All Tinazzi wines are available in 6 bottle case deals. For an authentic taste of Italy, visit Joe Canal’s today.

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