The Sindi Raymond Story

Sindi Raymond is a two-piece band that is not afraid to push the limits and break up the monotony of everyday life. One key difference setting them apart from other local cover bands is their duration of playing together – 15 years and counting! They are husband and wife, for those of you that may not have known. In 1985, Jim Raymond joined Sindi’s band as a drummer. They clicked almost immediately, having found many common interests. They were both born and raised in the Philadelphia area, are devoted cat lovers and have a similar love for music, especially guitar, piano and vocals.

Jim and Sindi were married on Halloween night in 1987 and began their high-energy, classic and modern rock two-some in 1996. They were both used to performing in full bands, so performing with just the two of them was something new and exciting! They were voted Cape May County’s “Best New Band” in 1996 and Cape May County’s “Best Band” in 1999. The crowds took an immediate liking to their style, what Jim refers to as “Goth-a-delic.” Some fans even have the band logo and their 1996 establish date tattooed on them.

Sindi Raymond has an array of vocal styles, plays both rhythm and bass guitar, and plays the piano. She has been playing the guitar and singing since early childhood; later adding the piano to her list of talents. Her favorite song to perform is “My Immortal” by Evanescence.

Jim Raymond mastered the classical piano as a young boy. His parents began teaching him at an age too young to remember. His true passion, however, is playing rock guitar & singing. Jim claims that his soul lies within playing guitar. He owns far too many to name them all, but his favorites include a 1986 Ernie Ball, 1999 Gibson Sunburst Standard Les Paul, and his “baby”, a Gibson Custom Zakk Wylde Bullseye. His song of choice is “Walk” by Pantera.

Sindi Raymond has an impressive music selection of 800-1,000 songs. They are a cover band that plays classic rock favorites like: AC/DC, Journey, Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, and Motley Crue. They also play current hits from: Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Kesha, Pink, Black Eyed Peas, Adele and Evanescence.

The Sindi Raymond Band is currently putting the finishing touches on its new album “The Immaculate Injection” that they hope to debut by the beginning of August. Proud Jersey shore locals and visitors will love the album’s “Wildwood Roxx” track. In the song, the band mentions the clubs they play at and show their love for the island. “Wildwood Roxx” will be available for purchase on iTunes soon but can be sampled at any of Sindi Raymond’s live performances before then.

Check out Sindi Raymond at a variety of locations such as: The Oceanic Hotel in Wildwood, The Wharf in Wildwood, Casey’s On Third in North Wildwood, the Shamrock in Wildwood, Lighthouse Pointe in Wildwood. Catch Sindi Raymond’s exclusive uncensored in-concert night Saturday, July 28 at the Hurricane East. Sindi Raymond will also be featured at the Bolero Resort during Wildwood’s Roar to the Shore motorcycle rally September 6th through September 9th and during Irish weekend. For a detailed schedule of the band’s upcoming performances, visit their website

Special Note: Sindi Raymond may not be suitable for some, including children, as they are an R-rated band with explicit lyrics.

By Michelle Riggins