The Art of Candy Making: The Douglass Tradition Makes its Way to Stone Harbor

Since 1919, Douglass Fudge & Candies has been a Wildwood tradition. Now, new traditions are being made as Douglass Fudge & Candies heads to Stone Harbor! The new storefront is situated on 96th Street and open for business, ready to serve you only the best fudge, salt water taffy and candies.

At Douglass Fudge & Candies, family owned and operated since 1919, everything is made on the premises daily by the hands of Douglass family members themselves, so preservatives are never needed. Only the freshest and finest ingredients are used to create Douglass Fudge & Candies’ specialties, including fresh cream fudge, real salt water taffy, pecan rolls, cream mints, cream caramels, molasses paddles and homemade chocolates.

So, what goes into the art of candy making? Let’s start with the sweet treat that made Douglass Fudge & Candies famous – fudge! Douglass fudge is the creamiest you’ll ever experience, and according to the Douglass brothers, fresh cream and butter are what make their fudge the best. The original fudge recipe created by the Douglass family in 1925 is still used today. It starts with light cream, homogenized milk, creamed sugar (fondant) and pure butter. But before the actual production begins, each ingredient is taste tested and inspected to ensure it is only the freshest and finest. Additionally, corn syrup is never used to thicken Douglass fudge.

When it comes time to choose your one pound assortment of fudge, choose from chocolate, vanilla, chocolate walnut, peanut butter, chocolate peanut butter, coconut, chocolate coconut, maple, maple walnut, cherry vanilla, chocolate marshmallow, cookies and cream, vanilla caramel, chocolate caramel, chocolate mint, vanilla chocolate caramel, orange creamsicle, Bavarian, pumpkin and pistachio. The fudge combinations are endless!

Next let’s look at the science behind the making of salt water taffy. Unfortunately, most taffy is made with corn syrup and inexpensive imitation flavors, but Douglass taffy is made with higher sugar content, some corn syrup and the most expensive natural flavors. It’s pulled on an industrial taffy puller machine while coloring and flavor are simultaneously added. From the puller, it is shaped and fed through a packaging machine in which it is individually wrapped. This family recipe dates back to 1919 and continues to improve, making Douglass taffy incomparable. You haven’t tasted real salt water taffy until you’ve tasted Douglass taffy!

Don’t leave town without a box of Douglass salt water taffy, a Jersey Shore tradition. Choose from vanilla, chocolate, cherry, watermelon, strawberry, lemon, lime, orange, banana, root beer, peppermint, anise and molasses. If you choose to purchase a taffy assortment, you’ll also get old-fashioned caramel filled taffy and the “signature” butter toffee flavor!

Some of Douglass Fudge & Candies’ must-try homemade chocolates include butter crunch, mint bark, coconut cups, butter creams, caramel creams, cherry bark, almond bark, almond delight, cashew & pecan patties, molasses paddles and chocolate covered marshmallows. Whatever you choose, it’ll be sure to melt in your mouth!

During the art of candy making, a tremendous amount of expertise is required to master complicated machinery, precise cooking times and proper blending and testing techniques. The Douglass family’s commitment to quality is evident after just one sample of these fine candies.

This summer, stop by either of Douglass Fudge & Candies’ locations and get more than just a sample. Take advantage of this sweet deal – buy two pounds of fudge, get one pound free!

3300 Boardwalk, Wildwood
(609) 522-3875

9600 3rd Ave., Stone Harbor
(609) 830-3077