The Amish Outlaws celebrate 10th anniversary

Fans all over cannot get enough of the Amish Outlaws. The Amish practice a tradition called Rumspringa which is similar to a Christian confirmation. Through Rumspringa, which literally means “running around”, children 16 years old have the opportunity to part ways with their Amish life for a while before making their final decision to be baptized in the Amish church. Most of the children usually return, but some do not. There are six members in “The Amish Outlaws”, four of which are from Lancaster, PA and grew up with the Amish lifestyle. The Amish lifestyle entails living with no electricity, no alcohol, and no musical instruments. That life did not suit the wild spirits of The Amish Outlaws. Once they were exposed to music and video games, there was no turning back.

It was a mutual love of music that brought these six men together in a chance meeting at the 2002 Pocono Vacation Park “Rock and Roll Hootenanny.” Two of the brothers came to the event still dressed in their Amish garb and their appearance made people stare. Some of the guys met here and there was an instant bond, not just for the love of music but for having left the Amish lifestyle behind. The guys would sit around watching hours of MTV, listening to the radio, CDs, records and tapes trying to catch up on the 16 years of their life they had felt that they missed. One of the brothers soon after decided to start a band. With a hunger to create music and new lives, The Amish Outlaws unleashed themselves into the world, leaving sixteen years of creative repression behind them.

There is no description for a “typical” Amish Outlaws show, but fans are sure to see the men dressed in their full Amish garb and performing with tons of energy each time. The set is constantly evolving as the group discovers more and more music and culture. They play music from Johnny Cash, Jay Z, Lady Gaga, Snoop Dogg to Dr. Dre, Franki Valli and Elvis Presley. They also play theme songs from TV shows that are well known. Each show can be seen as a big celebration for the Brothers’ newfound freedom.

This year is the band’s 10th anniversary they played their first show on July 21st 2003 at a club in New York. They will be playing their 10th anniversary show at The Windrift in Avalon on July 21st and they are excited to celebrate this meaningful anniversary show with fans, they truly love to entertain. “We do everything we can to try to entertain the audience and get them laughing, including falling down,” said Brother Ezekiel. The Amish Outlaws were featured as a “Top Entertainment Pick” in New York Magazine’s 2012 Winter Wedding’s Issue. They were also hired by the Washington Redskins to play pre and post-game shows, and then they were brought back to play the playoff game vs. the Seahawks last year. Don’t miss your chance to catch a performance of these rising stars at Westy’s of North Wildwood on July 7, July 28, and August 31 beginning at 6 pm. Avalon crowds can also catch a wild Outlaws show on June 23rd and June 30th at the Windrift.

If you are interested in booking this wild, fun, and exceptionally talented band, be sure to contact their agency at, STARS Productions – 973-300-9123.

By Brittany Cassidy