Take Flight with Red Baron Air Tours

Red Baron Air Tours provides one or two passenger sight-seeing rides and aerobatic adventures over the NJ coast. Experience a part of history and fly in an authentic 1940 WACO UPF-7. All ages welcome! The open cockpit design allows for incredible views of the beaches, marine life such as dolphins, NJ skyline and the wetlands. Red Baron also invites groups of up to three to experience the skies from the enclosed cockpit of a Cessna 172. For your flight, we supply you with helmets and goggles similar to those worn by the pilots of the Golden-Era. Let us take you on a gentle ballet of flight that will create lasting memories. Call 609-545-2060 for information and reservations. Flights depart from Woodbine Airport and Ocean City Airport.

675 Henry DeCinque Blvd, Hangar 5, Woodbine, NJ 08270
26th & Bay Ave, Ocean City, NJ 08226
609-545-2060, www.redbaronairtours.com