Special Events for Veterans in Cape May

Every Veterans Day for the past 10 years, Mark Kulkowitz, proprietor of the Mad Batter Restaurant and the Carroll Villa Hotel on Jackson Street in Cape May, gives away his hotel to veterans, offering them a free room for the night and complimentary breakfast the next morning. This year, in addition to this offer, he is inviting all World War II veterans to a free lunch at his restaurant at noon on Nov. 11. Although the free lunch is not offered to the general public, anyone is welcome to stop by and say hello and thank the veterans for their service. Mark will also host a luncheon for veterans from the Battle of the Bulge on Dec. 18. Mark’s generosity to veterans stems from his father’s service in World War II. For more information on these events for veterans, call (609) 884-9619 or (609) 884-5970.