Resolve to Become a Healthier You

Stick with your New Year’s weight loss resolution once and for all in 2014 with the help of qualified fitness expert Joe Wilkins. A former body builder and master trainer, Wilkins has over twenty years of experience in total fitness transformations. Wilkins has mentored dozens of clients throughout extreme weight loss journeys, from losses of twenty to one hundred pounds. After these decades of hands-on experience, Joe has mastered the “Wilkins Fitness System”. The System includes a strategic combination of weight training, core training, hip training, and stretching in order to improve strength, agility, and even energy level by the time of its completion.

This 12-week program includes three one and a half hour training sessions per week, in a one-on-one format. All training takes place in Wilkins’ private studio located at 9th & New Jersey Avenue in North Wildwood. Even on “off” days, clients are welcome to use the studio freely. The Wilkins studio features a number of cardio machines, a weight training station, several lifting machines, and even a TV to keep workouts interesting. The System also includes close nutritional monitoring, guaranteeing a healthier you. Wilkins’ overall goal is not only to teach the technique and workouts required to maintain weight loss after the system’s completion, but also to forge a new, healthy lifestyle for each of his clients. For several testimonials and pricing information, call Joe Wilkins personally at (609) 602-1014.