Pasta Pesto Signature Homemade Dishes

Throughout Pasta Pesto’s large, bright dining room are situated a number of antique pasta presses, setting the tone for diners to enjoy a truly home-cooked Italian meal. And the Pasta Pesto experience is not complete without a taste of one of these homemade Piatti di Pasta, or pasta dishes. From classic spaghetti to tortellini and rigatoni to lobster ravioli, all pastas are made and prepared in-house in the kitchen which is visible to diners seated in the dining room. Served with seafood, baked, or stuffed and topped with fresh marinara, Bolognese, alfredo, rosa, and white wine sauces, these diverse pasta entrees do not disappoint. Steak, chicken, and veal dishes are made with the finest cuts of meat and served with the starch of the day or pasta of your choice.

3810 Atlantic Ave, Wildwood
(609) 522-6272