Outdoors at the Shore: Badminton

As the summer winds down, backyard bar-b-ques and beach days are in high demand to squeeze out that last bit of summer sun. A recreational sport often played at these gatherings is badminton. It is a less-intense version of tennis with many great benefits and enjoyment. This game has roots in ancient European and Asian civilizations with a couple of similarities in today’s play. For example, the equipment has not changed. Today, lightweight racquets and birdies have replaced the heavy, wooden paddleboards and shuttlecocks used back then.

Aside from being played as a leisurely way to pass time, it is an organized sport with leagues all over the world. There are singles and doubles competitions that are perfect for a small gathering in a tight space. All you need are a few racquets, a birdie, and a net. Comparable to tennis, badminton is a game of that requires excellent hand-eye coordination with the right timing and the right swing of the arm. Once that is mastered, you can begin! In official league play, the best of three games are played with each game totaling twenty-one points. Each time the birdie hits the net, the ground, or goes out of bounds, a point is scored. It is a fun way to challenge your physical and mental toughness.

Grab a few friends and test out your hand-eye coordination with a rousing game of badminton!

By: Stephanie Cella