Mixology 101 – Drink of the Week

On this week’s prowl for drink of the week, I decided to stop by Tucker’s Pub on Atlantic Avenue in the heart of the Wildwoods. I was immediately struck by the distinct historic architecture of the pub’s interior and the huge bronze vault situated behind the bar. This had to be the most secure bar on the island … I quickly discovered that Tucker’s is located in a former bank building and that the bronze bank vault that I was staring at is actually now home to Tucker’s extensive beer collection. There was no doubt in my mind that a unique Tucker’s creation would be a contender for drink of the week.

I asked for a Tucker’s specialty and just moments later was served a coral pink concoction called the “Bobaloo”. One taste later, this week’s winner was decided. While its name does not reveal much about the “Bobaloo” flavors, it serves as a tribute to this cocktail’s creator. Tucker’s owner Bob Villone enjoys playing mixologist and invented this summery rum blend. Light and dark rum are shaken with cranberry, pineapple, and orange juices in order to achieve this drink’s burst of flavor. A final and crucial ingredient is added to the Bobaloo before its completion…but a master never reveals his secrets. An orange slice garnish adds the final tropical touch. For now, we’ll just have to remain content to naively enjoy this sweet yet tangy Tucker’s classic. And without a doubt, Bobaloo samplers will enjoy themselves both during and after their tasting. The drink’s deliciousness tends to shield its strength, but take it from me – the Bobaloo definitely does the trick. Bob invites all island patrons seeking a tropical taste to sample his brainchild and to celebrate the 11th anniversary season of the always unique Tucker’s Pub.

By Megan Kummer