Mixology 101 – Drink of the Week

Chocolate or Mint Chocolate Chip? Passion Fruit or Chunky Monkey? No, these are not the questions of a conflicted ice-cream lover. Rather, these are the questions of a diner trying to choose from Beach Creek Oyster Bar & Grille’s 30+ specialty martinis. To make your choice a bit easier, “Blast” is here with our martini review and this week’s drink of the week. Bartender Jacques skillfully drizzles chocolate and caramel syrup on the walls and bottom of the empty martini glass in a figure-8 formation. From here, he dips the rim of the glass in caramel syrup, creating a sticky base for the drink’s best surprise feature. Jacques then unveils his stash of toasted coconut and twirls the caramel-covered rim in the golden brown shavings. With the glass beautifully prepared, Jacques grabs his mixer and adds his secret ingredients – vanilla vodka, Butterscotch Schnapps, and Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur – in his perfected proportions. A few shakes and an expert pour later, the Samoa Cookie dessert martini is born. Warning – the Samoa Cookie looks so dauntingly picture-perfect that you may hesitate to take the first sip. We definitely did. While Jacques states that the Samoa Cookie is one of Beach Creek’s most time-consuming martinis to make, he admits that it is also one of their most delicious. After he mixed ours, another outdoor bar patron instantly ordered her very own! Treat yourself with this dessert in a glass and our drink of the week.

Martini connoisseurs are also encouraged to sample what Jacques insists is Beach Creek’s most popular specialty martini – the Pineapple Upside Down Cake. Coconut rum, pineapple, vanilla vodka, and Licor 43 blend to taste miraculously similar to a slice of fresh pineapple upside down cake. Discover for yourself why Beach Creek patrons can’t get enough of their most popular specialty martini.

By Megan Kummer