Mixology 101 – Drink of the Week

For this season’s very first drink of the week, I paid a visit to an old friend and past bartender of the week “Irish Bernie” at Casey’s on Third. I found him right where I left him at the close of last summer season, sporting his signature Celtic Cross and serving up cold pints from his station behind Casey’s oak bar. Bernie assured me that Casey’s was completely back in action following super storm Sandy and equipped with a brand new ten beer draft system with five domestics and five imported brews on tap. Bernie was putting on his usual show for patrons, one of which simply stated, “That’s why we come in here – to see Bernie. He’s got so many stories…” But the story he was most interested in telling was that of the honored drink of the week – Casey’s Passion Fruit Delight.

While pre-chilling a martini glass, Bernie mixed Malibu Passion Fruit Liqueur, Triple Sec, lime juice, sour mix, and cranberry juice, ensuring that it was thoroughly shaken and blended. He then expertly poured the Passion Fruit concoction over three cherries and garnished the glass with a lemon and a lime wedge. Though I trusted in Bernie’s bartending expertise, I still found myself surprised by just how refreshing and sweet the cocktail was. I finished off the Passion Fruit Delight easily and eagerly, ready for a second sample. For my next Casey’s cocktail, however, Bernie recommended the Cinnamon Toast Crunch, new this summer season. Fireball and Rumchata are amazingly mixed and shaken to create a drink that truly tastes like a sweet cinnamon dessert. Discover for yourself why Irish Bernie and his crafty concoctions keep customer’s coming back for more at Casey’s on Third – where the Irish come to play!

By Megan Kummer